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Today IPL Match

To read the abbreviated list (e.g. KKR instead of Kolkata Knight Riders), please visit- IPL Match Today.

April 28

Delhi Daredevils vs. Rajasthan Royals

April 29Kolkata Knight Riders vs. Royal Challengers
King's XI Punjab vs. Mumbai Indians
April 30Deccan Chargers vs. Delhi Daredevils
Rajasthan Royals vs. Chennai Super Kings
May 1Mumbai Indians vs. Kolkata Knight Riders
King's XI Punjab vs. Royal Challengers
May 2Deccan Chargers vs. Rajasthan Royals
Delhi Daredevils vs. Chennai Super Kings
May 3Kolkata Knight Riders vs. King's XI Punjab
Royal Challengers vs. Mumbai Indians
May 4Chennai Super Kings vs. Deccan Chargers
May 5Rajasthan Royals vs. King's XI Punjab
Delhi Daredevils vs. Kolkata Knight Riders
May 6Deccan Chargers vs. Mumbai Indians
May 7Royal Challengers vs. Rajasthan Royals
King's XI Punjab vs. Chennai Super Kings
May 8Delhi Daredevils vs. Mumbai Indians
May 9Deccan Chargers vs. King's XI Punjab
Chennai Super Kings vs. Rajasthan Royals
May 10Mumbai Indians vs. Royal Challengers
Kolkata Knight Riders vs. Delhi Daredevils
May 11Rajasthan Royals vs. Deccan Chargers
May 12Royal Challengers vs. Kolkata Knight Riders
Mumbai Indians vs. King's XI Punjab
May 13Delhi Daredevils vs. Deccan Chargers
May 14Royal Challengers vs. Chennai Super Kings
Mumbai Indians vs. Rajasthan Royals
May 15King's XI Punjab vs. Delhi Daredevils
May 16Chennai Super Kings vs. Mumbai Indians
Kolkata Knight Riders vs. Deccan Chargers
May 17King's XI Punjab vs. Deccan Chargers
Rajasthan Royals vs. Delhi Daredevils
May 18Kolkata Knight Riders vs. Chennai Super Kings
May 19Delhi Daredevils vs. Royal Challengers
May 20Rajasthan Royals vs. Kolkata Knight Riders
Chennai Super Kings vs. King's XI Punjab
May 21Mumbai Indians vs. Delhi Daredevis
Deccan Chargers vs. Royal Challengers

Fake IPL Player Blogspot Blogger

Who's the fake blogger creating all sort of troubles for Kolkata Knight Riders with his fake blogspot blog? Some are saying Akash Chopra and Sanjay Bangar are behind it, others are naming from Harsha Bhogle to even Sourav Ganguly. covering the whole issue comprehensively. Here's everything on fake blogging fuss:
  1. Harsha Bhogle, Sanjay or Aakash - Who's the Fake IPL Blogger
  2. Sanjay Bangar - Aakash Chopra Sent Back. Found Behind Fake IPL Player Blog
  3. Aakash Chopra is the Fake Blogger Player
  4. Nick Names Guide to Fake IPL Player's Blog
  5. Fake Player Ghost Behind IPL Player Bloggers

IPL Points Table 2009 & IPL Standings 2009

Fast updating up-to-date IPL Points Table 2009 and IPL Standings 2009.

Last Updated:
Sunday May 19, 2009 at 12:57 AM IST

Deccan Chargers Hyderabad1314
Delhi Daredevils1218
King's XI Punjab1314
Chennai Super Kings1315
Mumbai Indians1311
Kolkata Knight Riders135
Rajasthan Royals1313
Royal Challengers Bangalore1212

Click here to read comprehensive IPL Points Table.

Why Shahrukh Khan did it to KKR's cheerleaders?

Are you going to believe that Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan treated the cheerleaders of Kolkata Knight Riders quite unfairly! Yeah, this is true. But this is not the only news that can attract attention. KKR has sent Aakash Chopra and Sanjay Bangar back to India, and rumors are taking rounds that they’ve been accused of making fake blog.

Other than this, you’ll get to read about the match between Rajasthan Royals and King’s XI Punjab, and Delhi Daredevils vs. Royal Challengers Bangalore. Which shot of RCB’s captain caused them the match and why did he play this shot – you can read it in NP Sing’s article.

You can also get to know why Sachin Tendulkar is penalized. And if you like gossip, read why Shilpa Shetty got so excited?

It means from news to gossip, from information to photos, you’ll get every aspect of IPL on

Saturday, April 25, 2009

IPL Ball By Ball Commentary & Live Cricket Analysis live scorecard provides you not only a scorecard but also ball by ball updates and entertaining commentary right on top of the scorecard. Neither you have to go anywhere, nor you have to download any software to get instant updates. Also tell you what, IPLkhabar scorecard is the fastest cricket scorecard with refresh rate of 5 seconds. It means, you are getting almost the same updates what you could get while watching the match live in South Africa. Why to wait, check out Live Cricket Scorecard

Friday, April 24, 2009

Super Over in IPL 20-20 Cricket - Rajasthan Royals v. Kolkata Knight Riders

Super Over is a new and exciting concept in cricket. It was first timed tried in a 20-20 match between New Zealand and West Indies.

Super Over is similar to penalty shoot-out that we see in some of the other sports. In case of the tie between two teams in 20-20 match, the match is decided with one over by each team. The team winning in that over is declared as the match winner. This way all the matches ends up with a result and no-old boring match ties.

In the first ever match decided by Super Over, West Indies scored 25 runs from their one super over while New Zealand made 15 runs. That way West Indies won that game. McCullum and Gayle were part of that match as well.

Today in the IPL match between Rajasthan Royals and Kolkata Knight Riders score tied at 150 in 20 overs. According to the IPL rules, the match had to be decided by Super Over. The first over was bowled by Kamran Khan of Rajasthan Royals and he had given 15 runs of that over. Chris Gayle hit some good fours in that over. Rajasthan Royal had to made 16 runs to win the match and they send Yusuf Pathan and Ravindra Jadeja to bat. Yusuf Pathan finished the match quickly in four balls and by hitting some big shots against Ajanta Mendis, the bowler who bowled him earlier in the match. Here is the ball by ball detail of last over -

Super Over Balls (Kolkata Knight Riders Batting):
1. ONE, 2. ONE, 3. WIDE, 4. FOUR, 5. FOUR, 6. FOUR, 7. OUT

Super Over Balls (Rajasthan Royals Batting):
1. SIX, 2. TWO, 3. SIX, 4. FOUR,

Result: Rajasthan Royals Won the Match

Thursday, April 23, 2009

IPL turns into battleground of Salman-Shahrukh

Previously written off Deccan Chargers’ performance has wrung the danger bell for others. The manner in which Deccan Chargers trampled down Royal Challengers Bangalore has raised the level of expectations now. Though RCB lost after playing full quota of overs, but Rahul Dravid believes that they were out of the game after initial 6 overs. However RCB’s Kallis asserts that his team can enter the semi-finals. has ample such news related to the tournament. Nevertheless, some different kind of news can also attract your attention e.g. IPL turns into battleground of Salman-Shahrukh. Other than this, King Khan may knock off ‘Kolkata’ from his team’s name, i.e. tame will be called just ‘Knight Riders’.

And if you are interested in satire, you’re going to find “IPLized Meghdoot” to suit your taste.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

IPLt20 2009 Updates : Shilpa Shetty wants to win at evrey cost

bollywood sexy actress n star Preity Zinta sobbing
Rain has become the epicenter of trouble for spectators, players and franchisees in IPL 2009. Rain has spoiled all the fun of match between Delhi Daredevils and Kings XI Punjab on Sunday. And it repeated on Tuesday as well. Duckworth-Luis rule decided the fate of Rajasthan Royals vs. Mumbai Indians match. Although this match couldn’t take place, but pressure would have been on Rajasthan Royals if it had taken place, as Shilpa Shetty didn’t want to lose at any cost. Neeta Ambani also doesn’t want to lose. But there’re bigger questions than Neeta’s this desire. However, King Khan is feeling delighted with the first victory in IPL’s season 2. Now Shahrukh want to see KKR with IPL trophy. provides everything from match report to other interesting stuff about IPL. So visit IPLkhabar now.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

IPLt20 Cricket Updates of the Day - April 20

hot sexy cheerleader of IPL 2009
The IPL 2009 has proved an epidemic outbreak and people seem to be crazy about it. And new stats of Television portray it. The advertisers and sponsors got excited as soon as they got to know about the TRP ratings of the matches of second day.

Chennai Super Kings was also delighted on Monday. They have beaten Royal Challengers Bangalore after tasting the defeat in their first match. Pietersen and MS Dhoni, both acknowledged the important role played by Hayden. Now Tuesday is going to be very critical for Rajasthan Royals and King’s XI Punjab as both have lost their first matches. Rajasthan is going to face Mumbai and Punjab will fight with Kolkata. Although Bangalore has lost its second match, but franchise owner Vijay Malya is satisfied with the fact that no one is calling his team a test squad now. has bucketful news, views and gossips etc. from IPL. So visit now –

Monday, April 20, 2009

IPL Score on SMS / Mobile Phone

IPL Khabar is a website on IPL T20 Cricket while gives breaking news, entertaining stories and fast scorecard. They have some up with a free SMS alert service for mobile phones. You can subscribe IPL Khabar live cricket updates on your mobile phone using SMS or text message. We use Google SMS channels for SMS delivery which is absolutely FREE.

There are two ways by which you can subscribe IPL Cricket Alerts as follows -

Method 1: Subscribe via SMS -
Send "ON cricketkhabar" to 09870807070 from your mobile phone.

Method 2: Subscribe via Web/ Online
You can click here online subscription.

In case you are a twitter user, you can also subscribe to the IPL Khabar Twitter here for updates on Twitter.

IPLt20 live cricket updates for the day

Bollywood sexy star actress Preity Zinta and indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh (Captain of King's XI Punjab)
What does Kolkata Knight Riders defeat by Deccan Chargers prove? Actually, this defeat depicts the futility of his egoistic bigotry for victory. On the other hand, Kings XI Punjab couldn’t start its IPL journey on a winning note too. Delhi Daredevils skipper Sehwag gave all credit to New Zealand’s all-rounder Denial Vitori for the win. Though, results so far show an interesting trend. It indicates that Lady Luck isn’t happy with Bollywood stars in the ground. Also, sponsors are upset with dog who intruded in the ground in first IPLt20 cricket match. Why? You can read a satire about this dog incident on You can get to know why seductive Mandira Bedi doesn’t want to put on Sari while anchoring in IPL 2009.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

IPLt20 Cricket 2009 Latest Happenings

hot sexy cheerleader IPL t20 twenty20 cricket iplt20
The second season of IPL has started after long awaiting. But the opening two matches brought disappointment for both of the finalists of last year. In the first match, Sachin Tendulkar’s Mumbai Indian succeeded in defeating MS Dhoni’s Chennai Super Kings. While Bangalore Royal Challengers got the better of Rajasthan Royals in second match.

Victorious captain of Mumbai Indians Sachin Tendulkar showered young batsman Abhishek Nayar with praises. On the other hand, disappointed Shane Warne criticized and blamed his batsmen for defeat.

However, something interesting took place during match too, e.g. a dog proved all rules and regulations of Lalit Modi futile. And the misconduct of this dog also caused a satire to be written and published on

Some other interesting incidents may also take place during IPL 2009, as a Bollywood diva will be searched in SA. And superstar Shahrukh Khan is going to put all the efforts to do so. Also, the rumours are taking rounds that Dhoni’s actress girlfriend is going to land in South Africa pretty soon to accompany her beau. If she reaches there, it’ll prove that it’s not just a rumour and it got some substance too.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

IPL Opening Ceremony & IPL Inauguration 2009

You wouldn’t have forgotten the pictures of the opening ceremony of IPL 2008 - Eden Garden glittering with lights, heart-winning performances of gymnasts, Akshay Kumar’s acrobatic stunts and enthusiasm of spectators. Organizers claim that IPL 2009’s opening ceremony is going to be one step ahead.

The colorful extravaganza will begin after both matches on Saturday eve. This program will start on 11 PM South African local time and will continue around one and half hour.

Although Indian Premier League is being staged this time in South Africa, but the opening ceremony will reflect Indian culture. The organizers have tried to amass all aspects of rich Indian heritage in it.

During the ceremony, spectators will also be allured by the Laser Show. Other than this, you are going to see acrobats, roller scats, fire dance, firecrackers and butterflies dancing on music. And yes, perhaps no big Bollywood name is going to appear in this show.

Moreover, the sizzling hot cheerleaders and fascinating music will entice audiences to watch all upcoming IPL games. If the opening two matches of this season of IPL prove to be captivating, it is going to mount the charm of this opening extravaganza manifold. Remember, how Brendon McCullum’s explosive innings launched IPL-1 in a grand fashion that continued for next 44 days of the event.
For more about IPL, please visit

IPL 2009 Updates: Big News, Interesting Headlines

The stage to begin IPL 2009 is all set. The tournament will start with champion of first season Rajasthan Royals taking on Bengalore Royal Challengers, and then it’ll keep mounting. We can understand the level of excitement of South Africans with the fact that all tickets of opening match have already been sold. But the new form of IPL will not merely reflect in foreign venues and foreign spectators, newly introduced tougher rules may also play a crucial role in it, e.g. the decision of heavy fines on slow over-rate.

There are quite a lot of news on that introduce the readers with each different aspect of IPL. There are some exclusive news too, as “Cheerleaders ready to lure all in IPL 2 safari”.

This time cricket enthusiasts will get to know colorful happening of IPL through Internet only, because Delhi High Court has shunned news channels from broadcasting the images of cheerleaders.

However, Kolkata Knight Riders will play its first match against Deccan Chargers on 19th, but Kolkata’s team is all heels over head before entering the tournament. Brendon McCullum is enthroned as skipper of Shahrukh Khan owned KKR, and Dada has been fired.

Meanwhile, infantile behavior of MS Dhoni and Harabhajan Singh caused a lot of hue and cry, and a new rule has been formed that prohibits players from skipping national awards.

Friday, April 17, 2009

IPL Score, Scroreboard, IPL Live Cricket Match

Indian Premier League season 2 i.e. IPL 2009 is all set to shoot. It's a unique mix of bollywood, cricket and glamour. If you want to keep yourself updated with socres of IPL matches and want to watch live matches of IPL streaming online, don't forget to bookmark it - IPL Live Score.

IPL Updates: From Cheerleaders Pain to Dhoni's Pain

Although IPL enthusiasts would be able to see the real cricketing stuff only on 18th, but the grandeur of tournament was evident from the Thursday’s parade itself. Indian Premier League started with magnificent star-studded parade in South African city Capetown. About one thousand people including Bollywood eye-catchers Shahrukh Khan - Preity Zinta – Shilpa Shetty, franchisees’ owners and players participated in mega event. On the one hand, cheerleaders were vividly dancing on tunes; while on the other hand, Srisanth was displaying his amazing break dance talent on his vehicle’s top.

Nonetheless, two things got cleared about IPL. The first one is that that the matches are going to be 15 minutes longer in IPL 2009. Other than this, those who were aspiring to watch IPL matches on big screen will have to abandon their plans, as it has been decided not to sale multiplex rights.

On, you can also get to know why franchisees’ owners are not particularly happy with many foreign players’ decision to go back.

This question has become of critical importance too – Can Pietersen get Royal Challengers off the hot waters? Also there’s another news that somebody has filed a case against Indian skipper MS Dhoni and turbanator Harbhajan Singh. But if you are not concerned with news at all and have sole interest in cheerleaders, has something for you too. You can get some eye candy here – IPL Cheerleaders, and you can try to understand the pain of Desi cheerleaders as a satire too.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

IPL Cheerleaders Pictures (Photo Gallery) 2009

Indian Premier League 2009 is all set to take off in South Africa. But Indians need not worry about it as IPL will put ablaze their TV sets with all its cricketing adventures and Bollywood glamour. The hot and sexy cheerleaders, whose presence in IPL’s first season made people had a ball, are again ready to raise the glamour quotient even higher this time. Here’s some eye candy for you guys:

Visit For More Pics of Cheerleaders

Hot & Sexy IPL Cheerleaders

Hot & Sexy IPL Cheerleaders

Hot & Sexy IPL Cheerleaders

Hot & Sexy IPL Cheerleaders

Hot & Sexy IPL Cheerleaders

Hot & Sexy IPL Cheerleaders

Hot & Sexy IPL Cheerleaders

Hot & Sexy IPL Cheerleaders

Hot & Sexy IPL Cheerleaders

Hot & Sexy IPL Cheerleaders

Hot & Sexy IPL Cheerleaders

Hot & Sexy IPL Cheerleaders

Hot & Sexy IPL Cheerleaders


Funny Amul Cricket Cartoons

Visit for More

IPL cricket hindi website

IPL cricket hindi website

IPL cricket hindi website

IPL cricket hindi website
IPL cricket hindi website

IPL cricket hindi website

IPL cricket hindi website

IPL cricket hindi website

IPL cricket hindi website

IPL cricket hindi website

IPL cricket hindi website

IPL cricket hindi website


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IPL 2009 Timetable & Schedule in Hindi

In my previous post, I’ve mentioned about an IPL website in Hindi. It has many useful stuff like player profile, team profile, time-table and schedule, IPL related news and gossips etc in Hindi too. Here is the link for timetable and schedule – IPL 2009 Timetable and Schedule. So keep an eye on the matches of your favourite team.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

IPL T20 Cricket Website in Hindi

For all those who want to know every aspect of IPL in their own language Hindi and don’t know where to look for, here’s a good news. is a spot where you’re going to get all the buzz, stats and latest updates on IPL like match schedule and player profiles etc. You’ll get to read the views of renowned cricket journalists like NP Singh too. The website gives you not only serious analysis and articles, but also interesting scoops and gossips about IPL. This is just to inform you. The official launching of the website is on 11th of April. So what are you waiting for guys? Just visit and bookmark it – - IPL T20 website in Hindi

IPL T20 Cricket Website
And yeah, don't forget to link Here's the code:

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