Friday, April 24, 2009

Super Over in IPL 20-20 Cricket - Rajasthan Royals v. Kolkata Knight Riders

Super Over is a new and exciting concept in cricket. It was first timed tried in a 20-20 match between New Zealand and West Indies.

Super Over is similar to penalty shoot-out that we see in some of the other sports. In case of the tie between two teams in 20-20 match, the match is decided with one over by each team. The team winning in that over is declared as the match winner. This way all the matches ends up with a result and no-old boring match ties.

In the first ever match decided by Super Over, West Indies scored 25 runs from their one super over while New Zealand made 15 runs. That way West Indies won that game. McCullum and Gayle were part of that match as well.

Today in the IPL match between Rajasthan Royals and Kolkata Knight Riders score tied at 150 in 20 overs. According to the IPL rules, the match had to be decided by Super Over. The first over was bowled by Kamran Khan of Rajasthan Royals and he had given 15 runs of that over. Chris Gayle hit some good fours in that over. Rajasthan Royal had to made 16 runs to win the match and they send Yusuf Pathan and Ravindra Jadeja to bat. Yusuf Pathan finished the match quickly in four balls and by hitting some big shots against Ajanta Mendis, the bowler who bowled him earlier in the match. Here is the ball by ball detail of last over -

Super Over Balls (Kolkata Knight Riders Batting):
1. ONE, 2. ONE, 3. WIDE, 4. FOUR, 5. FOUR, 6. FOUR, 7. OUT

Super Over Balls (Rajasthan Royals Batting):
1. SIX, 2. TWO, 3. SIX, 4. FOUR,

Result: Rajasthan Royals Won the Match

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  1. Yes its a great way for one team to win..
    Also its very entertaining to us as well...


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