Saturday, May 02, 2009

Fake IPL Blog

Controversies surrounding Fake IPL Blog is showing no sign of declining. Every second day we hear news that the fake ipl blogger has been caught and next day we see a new blog post on the blog itself with more juicy and controversial stories.

In the last post on the fake ipl blog, the blogger mentioned about Dildo [Sharukh Khan] questioning Boy George [Joy Bhattacharya] to justify current large support staff. The fake ipl blog tells that the focus has shifted to the support staff now. Fake ipl blog predicts that that 5 of the support staff members will be asked to return soon. The fake ipl blog further tells that the management is now convinced that the person behind fake ipl blog is not a player, but a support staff member.

Fake ipl blog also predicts about the official resignation of Bhookha Naan [Buchnan, the coach], Skipper [McCullum] and the entire support staff at the end of the current season.

The fake ipl blog also reveals that the he has decided to retire from all forms of cricket after current season and will reveal his identity on their last match day. Wow wow wow, we are going to know the name behind the fake ipl blog – the blogger that entertained us all and also created the biggest controversy in the history of IPL. No wonder, blog reader requested him not to disclose his identity and come back in the next season. It seems that we loved IPL controversies more than the IPL itself?

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