Monday, August 24, 2009

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Independence Day SMS in Hindi

1. SMS for Politicians

Mere desh ki dharti, neta ugle aisek kutte-kamine
loot-khasot dhandha hai inka, chian se na de jeene…
So… Hame azadi chahiye inse
Happy Independence Day

2. SMS for TV Journalists

TRP ki daud me, gayo sab sukh-chain
blood pressure phalange mare, sugar badhe har rain
So… Hame azadi chahiye TRP se
Happy Independence Day

3. SMS for Software Professionals

Dil ke armaa mandi me beh gaye,
naukri bamushkil bachi, gham sare seh gaye
America door bahut ab, ham yahee reh gaye
So… Hame azadi chahiye mandi se
Happy Independence Day

4. SMS for Common Man

Kabira khada bazar me, dekhe charo or
lutaa-pitaa sa aadmi, gire chahu chhor
kahi mehangai, kahi flu, kahi sookhe ka zor
det dilasa PM bole, fikar not and don’t shor
So… Hame in sabhi se azadi chahiye
Happy Independence Day

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Janmashtami SMS - Bollywood Style

Janmashtami SMS Fultoo Original : ekdam abhi-abhi likhe hai

1. Jhoole main jhoole nandlala
'Katrina' kab tu dalegi varmala.
Hey- Salman ke nahi mere :-)

2. Nahavat gopiyan dekh kar kanhaiya hue mast,
par Kaminey main Priyanka se 5 kiss le Shahid pade past.
Hey- Kash ye mauka mujhe milta :-)

3. Kalyug ke is daur main kab aaoge Krishna,
Sukha, Mehangai maar gyai, loot liyo manmohana.
Hey- Naam Naam ka pher hai

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