Saturday, September 05, 2009

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This is a kind of heavy downpour in this monsoon season. The rain Gods may have failed to give relief to the farmers in the rural hinterland of the country, but movie buffs have been spoilt with options since the standoff between multiplexes and film producers has been resolved. After seven in the last week, five films were released this week, more than enough for the movie goers to satiate their appetite.

Three : Love, lies and betrayal came first as it hit the ticket counters a day ahead- jyotish and numerology playing a vital part in its pre-ponned release on Thursday. However, it proved a dumb squib at the box office as the script failed to click with the audience.

On Friday, four films were released, with Chintuji, Mohandas - A Man Lost in His Own Nation, Bachelor Party and Fox fighting to go one-up over another. Except for Chintuji which sprang a surprise with its beautiful narration, remaining four had a solid promotion strategy but haven't got good openings in the multiplexes. Music releases, wallpapers, exclusive premiers- film makers tried every trick in the book to make their respective movies, but initial results have not been encouraging. Bachelor Party, a comedy film, disappoints with its weak presentation. Mohan Das: A Man Lost in His Own Nation and Fox are from the same genre- thriller, but sadly, do not thrill much. With Fox, the suspense ends shortly after interval, and you are left with normal latka-jhatkas to contend with.

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