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A-certificate to Aakrosh made Priyadarshan unsatisfied

A-certificate to Aakrosh made Priyadarshan unsatisfiedThe censor board has clamped down heavily on the dialogues and visuals of Priyadarshan's "Aakrosh", a film on honour killing. The director says he would neither accept cuts nor the A-certificate for his issue-based directorial venture.

"How can I put across a social issue without hard-hitting visuals? Let the film go to the revising committee. My producer Kumar Mangat and I are not accepting any cuts," said Priyadarshan.

"This is the first time in my entire career of 25 years and 81 films that a film of mine has got into censor trouble. And I am not amused."

Set in Jhanjhar in Bihar, the film revolves around the killings of three students of Delhi University who go missing in the dusty village. The government appoints two CBI officers - Siddhant Chaturvedi and Pratap Kumar - to solve the case.

Starring Ajay Devgn, Akshaye Khanna, Paresh Rawal and Bipasha Basu, "Aakrosh" is set to hit screens Oct 8.

"On one hand I am accused of selling out mindless comedies, (but) none of my supposedly mindless comedies has ever got into trouble. On the other hand when I make an issue-based film, it gets stuck. How will I do something meaningful when our moral guardians don't seem to believe in my vision?"

Priyadarshan admits there are shocking scenes of violence in the film. But he feels they are indispensable to the film's subject.

"It is hard-hitting. But not an offbeat experimental film. We want younger generations to watch the film, to become aware of the frightening reality that surrounds their existence. Unless we let younger viewers grow aware of the reality, we can't change the aberrations in society. So yes, I won't settle for an A-certificate. Let me make films that have a social purpose. Or I go back to making 'De Dana Dan'."

Kumar Mangat's earlier film "Omkara", which replicated the visual and vocal violence of the North Indian backwater town, also was given an A-certificate.

"We had agreed to take an A-certificate for 'Omkara'. We want a UA (for children under parental guidance) for 'Aakrosh'," said Mangat.

Actor Harrison Ford to receive Kirk Douglas Award

Actor Harrison Ford to receive Kirk Douglas AwardActor Harrison Ford is to be honoured with Santa Barbara International Films Festival’s 2010 Kirk Douglas Award for excellence in cinema.

Hollywood movie icon Kirk Douglas will present the award to Ford on Nov 19 at the cermony in Santa Barbara, California, reports

"I'm delighted to give this award to Harrison Ford. It's always a pleasure to honour these young actors who do so well," said Douglas.

Ford's impressive body of work contains 43 feature films including "Star Wars" and "Indiana Jones" films. He earned an Oscar nomination for "Witness" and also featured in "Frantic", "The Fugitive" and "WorkingGirl".

Pop Star Lady Gaga signs deal with Giorgio Armani

Lady Gaga signs deal with Giorgio ArmaniPop singer Lady Gaga has inked a deal with Italian fashion house Giorgio Armani to create her costumes for her Monster Ball tour.

"A huge company like Giorgio Armani has the duty to always be alert to trends and what appeals to young people," quoted Roberta Armani, head of VIP relations at the label, as saying.

"It helped to see how the world is through Lady Gaga, the way she uses Facebook and Twitter," Armani told the Wall Street Journal.

Socialite Nicole Richie denies wedding reports

Socialite Nicole Richie denies wedding reportsSocialite Nicole Richie has denied reports that she will be tying the knot with fiance singer Joel Madden by the end of this year.

"Joel and I are not big planners, we just kind of go with the flow of things," quoted her as saying.

"Honestly, we haven't planned anything. He is about to go on tour with his new album, I'm on my book tour and I'm really focused on my work and with the kids," she said on the US talk show "The View".

The socialite sparked rumours her big day was imminent after taking her friends Christina Aguilera and DJ Samantha Ronson off to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico for a supposed bachelorette party earlier this month.

The couple, who got engaged last year, has two children together - two-year-old daughter Harlow, and one-year-old son Sparrow.

Richie is currently promoting her new novel "Priceless".

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Amitabh Bachchan says KBC gave me money and movies

Amitabh Bachchan says KBC gave me money and moviesAmitabh Bachchan, who is all set to host the fourth season of "Kaun Banega Crorepati" (KBC), remembers how the game reality show changed the mathematics of his life and pulled him out of a financial crunch.

"Ten years ago in the year 2000, when the entire world was celebrating the new century, I was celebrating my disastrous fortune. There were no films, no money, no company, a million legal cases against and the tax authorities had put notice of recovery on my home," Big B, 67, wrote on his blog Wednesday.

"An offer for television changed all that when I agreed to anchor 'Kaun Banega Crorepati' much against all the advice and resentment from friends, family and advisers. Taken to the United Kingdom at the Elstree Studios where ‘Millionaire' was being recorded, I observed the elan and grace of the show and the immense production values that it incorporated.

"If they could give me this in India, I would readily agree. They did, I agreed and KBC took its initial steps. It soon became apparent that it was going to be big and prosperous. I merely sat back and played the game as best it could be played. Before long I was out of the financial crisis and signing on an almost two-year deal with the channel that was carrying it," he added.

The first three instalments of the KBC was aired on STAR Plus.

Big B's got into financial crisis when Amitabh Bachchan Corporation ltd (ABCL) started running in loss. He tried to get out of this situation by signing "Mrityudaata" (1997), but the film failed miserably at the box office.

Three years later he got the offer to host KBC and after that there was no looking for this megastar who charted a new success story.

Shekhar Kapur rings the alarm bell for water conservation

Shekhar Kapur rings the alarm bell for water conservationInternationally renowned filmmaker Shekhar Kapur has appealed to the people of India and rest of the world to conserve water which, he said, is a social commodity and a fast depleting natural resource.

"Water is the responsibility of each and every individual on earth, not just the state. Of course, it is the duty of the state to make adequate arrangements for supplying safe drinking water, but each of us also needs to check our own consumption levels and not waste it," Kapur said Tuesday.

He was speaking exclusively to IANS on the sidelines of the formation of a global organization, We Are Water Foundation, being set up simultaneously in 20 countries around the world, late Tuesday evening.

"The water crisis has already crossed the danger levels. Over 80 percent of the world's population and 65 percent of India are 'water-stressed' to various degrees. More children die for lack of clean water than anything else on earth. We are on the brink," Kapur warned, painting a grim picture of the world's water situation.

The filmmaker said that the recent water situation in the world has sobered even India to the harsh reality that the commodity which it has always taken for granted may not last long.

There is a need for strong remedial measures to save and conserve water or the world as we know it may not survive, he said, sounding a loud alarm bell.

Decrying the commercialisation of water and how it is already widening the rural-urban divide, Kapur said this has raised serious questions on the ownership issue of water.

While demand will never end, supply is depleting and commercialisation in the form of bottled water is already creating lot of problems in different parts of the country where big corporates deprive rural folk of their legitimate supply.

Kapur urged that it is time for the governments to not only focus on mega-engineering feats like the proposed 'garlanding of rivers' in India, but also strongly encourage and promote water harvesting and watershed management techniques, water conservation especially the ground water tables, and check consumption and deforestation all over the country.

Explaining his own involvement, Kapur said he would join any sustainable effort to conserve water and "even if my mere presence makes any difference, I shall gladly join it."

He expressed hope that WAWF would attract more celebrities and commoners towards a common goal of saving water for the survival of mankind.

The director is also planning to make a movie on water crisis. Titled "Paani", the film will show a futuristic city facing water crisis.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Singer Katy Perry to appear in 'The Simpsons'

Singer Katy Perry to appear in The SimpsonsSinger Katy Perry will make a guest appearance in "The Simpsons" in a special live action episode which will see the animated characters turn into puppets.

The usually animated characters - which include Homer, Bart and Lisa - are to appear as puppets in a segment of the episode, which will air in the US Dec 5.

Perry will be seen playing the girlfriend of a cantankerous bartender named Moe, reports

The 25-year-old singer, who shot her scenes this September, will be joined in the episode by TV host Martha Stewart, who will appear as a cartoon version of herself.

Actress Rachel Bilson won't strip for films

Actress Rachel Bilson won't strip for filmsActress Rachel Bilson has vowed never to strip for films.

The former "O.C." star claims several directors have wanted her to appear naked in their films, but she has remained "strong-willed" and refused to take her clothes off.

"They like to put in nudity wherever they can. But I'm pretty strong-willed and believe it can be avoided," quoted Bilson as saying.

The 29-year-old actress says it is more awkward to shoot love scenes with a boyfriend than an actor you don't know.

"Doing a love scene with someone that you're involved with is more awkward than doing a love scene with someone you're not dating," she said.

"Either way, it's definitely weird though. It's certainly not normal to kiss a guy in front of 10 other guys and a camera," she added.

Singer Madonna to expand teen clothing range

Singer Madonna to expand teen clothing range Singer Madonna will now expand her teen clothing range "Material Girl" by including swimwear and lingerie.

The 52-year-old singer launched the range some time back with her 13-year-old daughter Lourdes.

"We're focused on rolling Material Girl out into additional categories, including swim and intimates and expanding the dress assortments. We launched footwear with ballet flats this season but we're going to expand into a full footwear collection going forward. It's all under discussion," quoted a spokesperson for the line as saying.

The collection, which offers clothes, footwear, handbags, jewellery and accessories, modelled by Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen, is available at US store Macy's.

Actress Jenny McCarthy Relationship with Carrey stopped being fun

Actress Jenny McCarthy Relationship with Carrey stopped being funActress Jenny McCarthy, who split from boyfriend actor Jim Carrey earlier this month, said they broke up because their relationship stopped being fun.

"You know, the simple word I can give - and there's a few, so let me say a few. The first thing is, when it's not fun anymore, you need to start investigating and do an inquiry into the relationship," quoted her as telling TV host Oprah Winfrey on her show The Oprah Winfrey Show.

The actress and former Playboy model also addressed her image while she was dating Carrey and what it meant to be a partner of a Hollywood A-lister.

"My identification wasn't caught up in being a celebrity's girlfriend. I did check on that, by the way. I checked into myself. How does my ego feel? My ego's fine. I'm a warrior mom. I always got back on my feet, and I know especially this year who I am," she added.

Pop star Lady Gaga's grandfather passes away

Pop star Lady Gaga's grandfather passes awayPop star Lady Gaga is mourning the death of her grandfather Joseph Germanotta.

He passed away Friday. He was 88.

The pop superstar jetted back to her native New York last week to visit her grandfather at the Lincoln Park nursing home in New Jersey. reports, Germanotta passed away two days after Gaga's visit.

Gaga spoke about her grandfather's health troubles at a show earlier this year, telling the crowd: "I don't always talk about my personal life but my grandpa's sick. I'm really close with my grandpa and he's really sick and he's in the US and my dad's with him. So I was, like, crying all day, really sad. So I thought I would be honest and tell you that's what's going on... It's been one of those tough things that my grandpa's too old to come to my show."

Shah Rukh Khan not performing at Commonwealth Games opening ceremony

SRK not performing at CWG opening ceremonyBollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan will not be performing at the Oct 3 opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games (CWG), organisers said Tuesday.

"Shah Rukh is definitely not performing at the opening ceremony. However, I don't know if he is planning to attend the event or if he has received any invite from the organising committee. But he is not performing," Viraf Sarkari, director of Wizcraft International Entertainment, told IANS over phone from Mumbai.

The opening ceremony of the Oct 3-14 mega sports event will be a mélange of Indian dances and songs, said Sarkari. Wizcraft is behind the cultural evening at the event.

Oscar winning composer A.R. Rahman will be performing a few songs, apart from the latest version of the CWG anthem. But the Bollywood quotient will take a back seat as India's cultural heritage will rule the stage on D-day, added Sarkari.

The opening ceremony will take place at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium.

Paris Hilton settles lawsuit with Hallmark

Paris Hilton settles lawsuit with Hallmark   Socialite Paris Hilton has settled a lawsuit she had filed against greeting cards manufacturer Hallmark for allegedly using her image without permission.

The hotel heiress sued bosses at the firm in 2007 claiming they used her picture and her catchphrase, "That's Hot!", on a card which was captioned "Paris's First Day as a Waitress", reports

She alleged the card was based on a scene from her hit reality TV show "The Simple Life" and claimed her publicity rights had been violated.

Hilton was expected to battle it out with Hallmark heads in court December, but last week lawyers for both sides told a California judge they had reached a settlement.

The details of the agreement have not been released.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Singer Rihanna to marry Matt Kemp soon

Rihanna  to marry Matt Kemp soonSinger Rihanna is eager to marry her boyfriend, baseball player Matt Kemp.

The Umbrella hitmaker is said to be inspired by her best friend and singer Katy Perry, who will be getting married to fiance Russell Brand next month.

"Rihanna adores Matt. She can't imagine life without him," quoted a source as saying.

"Ri's really involved with the wedding because she's one of Katy's best friends.

"She wants that same sort of happiness. They want a formal engagement next year and won't take long to get married," the source added.

Aishwarya Rai to walk for Manish Malhotra

Aishwarya Rai to walk for Manish MalhotraBollywood star Aishwarya Rai will be walking the ramp for designer Manish Malhotra at the upcoming third edition of the HDIL India Couture Week.

"Beautiful Aishwarya is going to be the showstopper at my couture week show," Malhotra posted on micro-blogging site Twitter.

The designer, who has worked on Aishwarya's looks for the mega-budget "Endhiran" and "Action Replayy", is known to have given makeovers to many actresses, including Karisma Kapoor and Rani Mukerji.

He will be opening the couture week, starting Oct 6-10.

The designer says he will be showcasing 55 different outfits and emerald will be the dominant colour in his collection.

Socialite Kim Kardashian happy being single

Socialite Kim Kardashian happy being singleSocialite Kim Kardashian says she is happy being single and doesn't need a man for the fulfilment.

The reality TV star - who has previously dated soccer players Reggie Bush and Cristiano Ronaldo in the past - believes she could be content on her own but thinks she will one day find love because it makes life "more entertaining".

"I feel like I don't need a man, but I'm also such a hopeless romantic. I really think that having someone makes everything more entertaining. I don't think you need a guy to make you happy but it's nice to have one," said Kardashian.

The 29-year-old beauty - who has just split from Dallas Cowboys football player Miles Austin - is planning to be single for the foreseeable future but if she meets 'Mr. Right' she will make time for dates, reports

"I'm happily single and having fun. But I think everybody can make time for someone they really like. I'm dating or I'm trying to. I just want to keep it a bit quieter and move private than previous relationships," she said.

"I would just take falling in love a bit slower these days. And I've got so much more going on, being single means I can concentrate more on myself," she added.

Salman Khan's 'Dabangg' a big hit in Pakistani

Salman Khan's 'Dabangg' a big hit in PakistaniThe footfalls at Pakistani cinema halls went down when Indian movies were banned during the Eid period, but Salman Khan-starrer "Dabangg" has created a buzz and moviegoers are once again thronging the theatres.

Produced by Salman's younger brother Arbaz Khan, the funny cop drama with a catchy storyline and enchanting music has not only enthralled audiences in India but also witnessed an overwhelming response in Pakistan.

Rizwan, a booking clerk at Cinestar cinema in Lahore, said the movie was released in Pakistan Sep 17, a week after its India release, and "families have started returning to the cinemas for Indian movies. The cinema hall is more than 70 percent full during all 'Dabangg' shows."

Ever since then president Pervez Musharraf lifted more than four decades of a ban on Indian movies three years ago, the Pakistani cinema halls have got a new lease of life.

The lack of competition and the declining standards of local movies have created a huge vacuum for movie lovers, which is now being filled by Indian movies. The dwindling film industry in Pakistan produces only a handful of low-budget movies every year and fails to garner a satisfactory response at the box office due to poor quality.

Arif Khan, owner of Gulistan cinema, said: "The cinema-going culture has been revived ever since Indian movies started screening in local theatres. Hardly 8-10 movies have been produced in Pakistan during the first nine months of 2010 while 25-30 Indian movies have released during the intervening period," he said.

Khan said a couple of Pakistani movies were released on Eid last year and generated a rush during the holidays. "However, as soon as the holidays ended, the trend again went down," he recalled.

This year too the government did not allow the screening of Indian movies on Eid in a bid to give breathing space to the local industry.

"Had Indian movies run simultaneously with Pakistani flicks on Eid, I am sure the rush would have been diverted to the Indian hits," Khan said.

"Other than 'Dabangg', 'Once Upon A Time in Mumbaai', 'I Hate Luv Storys' and 'Housefull' have also fared well at the box office in the recent past," he stated.

A booking clerk in DHA cinema said: "The ticket prices ranged between Rs.300 and Rs.500 for Indian movies, relatively high considering almost half the rates for Pakistani movies, but that failed to dent the eagerness of the public."

Several cinema houses have been built in posh localities to cater to the taste of the masses after the revival of Indian movies.

"The revival of cinema in Pakistan has to be credited to Indian movies," Arif said adding that the debate on whether it should have been allowed in the first place had more or less settled down after seeing the response.

There were more than 50 cinemas in Lahore, considered the cultural capital of Pakistan, but the number has gone down to just 14 because the remaining were converted to shopping malls and restaurants due to poor business.

'Raajneeti' screenplay goes to Oscar archives

Raajneeti screenplay goes to Oscar archivesDirector Prakash Jha is elated after the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences approached him to acquire the copies of the screenplay of his hit political thriller "Raajneeti" for their permanent core collection.

"I'm very happy and honoured that the Academy has requested me for the screenplay of 'Raajneeti'. Though Hindi cinema has its own tradition and form, it is always nice to be recognised internationally," Jha said in statement.

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is the world's premier movie-related organization and is best known for its annual Oscar awards celebration.

The scripts in their collection are made available to all for research purposes only and in the premises of their reading room.

Inspired by epic Mahabharata, "Raajneeti" is a political saga on northern India's murky electoral politics which gives a rare insight to the power equation and strained relationship within a political family made up of ensemble cast including actor Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Arjun Rampal, Manoj Bajpayee, Ajay Devgn, Nana Patekar and Naseeruddin Shah among others

"Anjunm Rajabali and I had worked very hard on the screenplay of 'Raajneeti'. It took us several drafts and many years of work to come to the final screenplay of the film. It's nice to know that that effort has not gone waste and we have been blessed with commercial as well as critical acclaim," said Jha.

"The script is the fulcrum of a film and I hope in the coming years in India we further strengthen this aspect of filmmaking," he added.

Other Indian screenplays to have made it to the Oscar archives include "Rock On!!", "Heroes", "Lagaan", "Devdas", "Munnabhai M.B.B.S.", "Kal Ho Naa Ho", "Chak De! India", "Sarkar Raj" and "Gandhi My Father".

Actress Lindsay Lohan's father threatens her lawyer

Lindsay's father threatens her lawyerActress Lindsay Lohan's father Michael is reportedly threatening her lawyer.

According to the sources, Michael left a voicemail and texts on Shawn Holly Chapman's phone threatening to "blow you out of the water", reports He also threatened to "dig up dirt" on Shawn, as well as Lindsay's business manager, Lou Taylor.

Michael left two text messages on Holley's phone Friday after the court hearing, telling her she should do Lindsay a favour and quit. In another text, Michael claimed Holley and Taylor were destroying the Lohan family.

He lost his cool at the Bev Hills courthouse Friday morning after Judge Elden Fox threw Lindsay in jail. Fox's decision was reversed later that day after Holley filed an appeal, and Lindsay got out of jail same night.

Michael said, "It's true. I said those things ... but it's spun. I wasn't knocking Shawn for working all those hours ... I was knocking the fact that I told them to do this [send Lindsay to rehab] a long time ago. Just now they're listening."

'Paan Singh Tomar' to be premiered at Abu Dhabi film fes

Paan Singh Tomar to be premiered at Abu Dhabi film fest UTV's production venture "Paan Singh Tomar", about the soldier-athlete who went on to become a bandit, will have its world premiere at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival, starting Oct 14.

Randall Wallace's "Secretariat" starring Diane Lane and John Malkovich will open the fest and Indian filmmaker Murli Nair's "Virgin Goat" will be screened in the competition section.

The complete line up for the festival was announced here Monday at a press conference at the Abu Dhabi Theater.

"The Festival as a whole has three big competitions for features. When I say big, I mean they have 14 or 15 films each with very generous prizes of $100,000 for all the major awards. They are for narrative features, documentary features and a new competition called New Horizons, which is open to fiction and non-fiction features by first- and second-time directors from all over the world," said Peter Scarlet, executive director of the Abu Dhabi Film Festival, in a statement.

"This year first- or second-time directors of documentary or narrative features have the chance of winning a $100,000 prize, just as much cash as in the other feature competitions. So the access to prizes for young filmmakers is no different than last year," he added.

In the New Horizons section, films like Iranian movies "Orion" by Zamani Esmati and "Gesher" by Vahid Vakilifar, two New York-based films "Furious Force of Rhymes" by Joshua Atesh Litle and "Bill Cunningham New York" by Richard Press, which connect city's music and fashion to the rest of the world in very unusual ways, will be showcased.

"Adrian Brody, the youngest winner of a best actor Oscar will be on hand for the American independent film, "Wrecked" by Michael Greenspan, and there's an equally impressive line-up of films by new talents from Egypt, France, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey and the UAE.

"The selection also includes one of the most surprising and unexpected new films we've seen all year, 'Slackistan' by Hammad Khan, a Pakistan-UK co-production," said Scarlet.

Feature competition titled Narrative Competition will have movies like director Wang Bing's Chinese movie "The Ditch"; Olivier Assayas' Carlos, about the notorious terrorist, featuring a remarkable performance by Edgar Ramirez; "In a Better World" by Danish filmmaker Susanne Bier; French film "Potiche" by François Ozon; and Russian movie "Silent Souls" by Aleksei Fedorchenko

"Until a couple of days ago, we thought we had three very strong Arab documentaries. But then we got the upsetting news that the Iraqi filmmaker Mohamed Al-Daradji, who has a very strong film called 'In My Mother’s Arms', had run into a technical hitch and the film was not going to be ready in time, leaving us with only two Arab documentaries.

"That is why we decided to change the rules of the Documentary Competition this year and include three films about the Middle East made by filmmakers from outside the region. We thought, let’s try having all five of them compete against each other. They happen to be three films about Palestine, from Norway, the Netherlands and Germany," said Scarlet.

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Hollywood Movie: Wall Street Review

Hollywood Movie: Wall Street ReviewFilm: "Wall Street - Money Never Sleeps"; Director: Oliver Stone; Cast: Michael Douglas, Shia LaBeouf, Josh Brolin, Carey Mulligan, Susan Sarandon; Rating:***1/2

"Wall Street" in 1987 defined the greedy, materialistic America of its time, a place where everything was okay as long as it led to financial success. It turns out, with its sequel, that nothing much has changed, that whereas once "greed was good, now it's legal" even when financial bubbles all around burst.

"Money Never Sleeps" begins with the release of Gordon Gekko (Douglas) from prison. He holds a grudge against a man due to whom he spent a longer term in prison than was needed.

But if you thought his greed had subsided due to stay in prison, after the first half, you'll realize that now it's only bigger and stronger, mixed as it is with vengeance.

The smart investor manipulates his own daughter Winnie (Mulligan) and her wall street executive beau Jake (LaBeouf) to ride the financial wave once again, even as the financial bubble collapses in 2008.

It was obvious that the global financial meltdown of the last two years would provide the setting for this film. But where it scores, is in its departure from the first. America of Oliver Stone, and otherwise too, is still what it was, only the financial meltdown, gives Stone the opportunity to tell his audience of what is truly important in life, time, love, children and family.

Fans of the first "Wall Street" would be a little disappointed with the slower pace of this one and it's moody, reflective nature. But the bursting of the financial bubble hopefully left audiences with enough time and thoughts to reflect on things that are moneyed, and those that no money can buy - true love and family.

To go beyond the money, Stone introduces some interesting quirks in his characters. Gekko's estranged daughter now runs a little website that digs for the truth. And though she falls for an investment banker, she disapproves of his avarice and greed. And when she gets pregnant and realizes how her hubby had cheated her, she keeps him away, wanting to keep greed away from the one yet to be born.

Therein lies Stone's message and hope for our materialistic society: That perhaps the new generation will discard the greed of their fathers and better the world.

The cast does well in the hands of Stone, who also shows his adeptness while taking jibes at the new way of doing business on Wall Street, where computers and impersonal statistics take away the little human interaction of the past. He also uses techniques he hasn't used before like split-screens and long camera pans.

Stone uses obvious analogy in the film of falling dominoes and bubbles to depict the current situation. And he hits the bulls and the bears right between the eyes, when he makes the comment about a collapsed system for which "everyone is responsible".

That's what the world has indeed come to. And in the morally ambiguous Gekko, one is left wondering whether he is entirely to be blamed or are we equally responsible for what has happened to the world? The answer won't be an easy one.

Hollywood Movie: Beauty And The Beast (3D) Review

Hollywood Movie: Beauty And The Beast (3D) ReviewFilm: "Beauty And The Beast (3D)"; Directors: Gary Trousdale, Kirk Wise; Cast: Paige O’Hara, Robby Benson, Richard White; Rating: ****

It is an eternal fairy tale that has had as many rebirths as the dozens of decades it's been with us. It has even been spoofed in "Shrek". Yet, the most enduring one of all, remains Disney’s 1991 classic "Beauty and the Beast". The same film comes back on screen, in an all new shiny 3D.

The story is skin-deep and yet deeper like its message. A beautiful girl hates an ugly beast she is forced to live with in a palace till she discovers that true beauty lies way deeper than the surface and that behind the bestiality of the beast lies a kind, gentle soul.

This 1991 musical thrilled audiences with its enchanting romance, melody, quirky, delectable characters, drama, suspense and intrigue. What you find is that the film still hold powers deep within that no number of sequels with kids on flying brooms can touch. Simplicity still enchants, and tugs at your heartstrings, even if you choose to ignore the near perfect rendering in 3D to suit our jazzed up times.

The animation may seem to you outdated, considering that it was hand-painted in traditional Disney style, and not the perfect computer-generated wizardry of modern animation films. Yet, with 3D it becomes an impeccable mix of old world animation and modern technical excellence. Still beyond at the core of it is story telling in all its simplicity and beauty.

For hidden behind the skin of this simple fairy tale is an eternal lesson for all of us that true beauty is in the heart, not face.

It is a lesson that becomes more pertinent in the world that we inhabit today where material things and outward appearances have become more important than heart, soul and intention of a matter, a person, a thing or an emotion.

Watch it not because it is 3D and bigger, better and shinier to look at, but because this film has a soul like few others. Watch it because you missed it back in 1991.

Priyanka Chopra escapes Brazilian man's excessive attention

Priyanka Chopra escapes Brazilian man's excessive attentionPriyanka Chopra had a close encounter with some overt amorous attention in Rio de Janeiro where she has just packed up shooting for a reality show.

A local hot-blooded well-to-do businessman, apparently of substantial good looks, insisted on trailing her everywhere with his marriage proposals.

Even while boarding her flight for the 25-hour journey back to Mumbai Wednesday morning, Priyanka anxiously looked back to see if the Brazilian suitor was still following her to India.

"Brazilian men turned out to be a little too upfront for me. They don't waste time in making their moves. This one didn't ask me out. He asked me to marry him right away. I don't think I am interested in marrying any foreigners. Only an Indian guy for me, thanks," Priyanka said.

One reason why she got so much male attention from the locals was her Brazilian tan. "I was bronzed, tanned and dressed rather Brazilian. Maybe they mistook me for a local girl," says the actress.

Exhausted Priyanka was in no mood to get jetlagged on her flight back to Mumbai. "The minute I land, I start promoting my new film 'Anjaana Anjaani'. After a fortnight, I head to Berlin for shooting Farhan Akhtar's 'Don 2'. I don't even have time to spend with my family. I missed them in Rio. I am going to sleep the minute the plane takes off," Priyanka said.

Looking back at the experience of hosting "Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi" Priyanka said: "I was determined I'd be stern, authoritative and in-charge. Nobody should think I should be soft because I am a woman. At the risk of offending the contestants, I was at my bullying best."

Priyanka regrets not being able to find enough time to spend with the contestants. "There was just time to shoot the stunts. I had just one day off and I decided to de-stress on the beach. I didn't get any time to shop and bought the famous Brazilian Hawaiian slippers only at the airport."

She got along well with all the contestants but confesses to having developed a soft corner for Manjot Singh. "I nicknamed him Komal Khiladi. And the most heartstopping moment of all the stunts was when Navjot fainted in the freezing water."

Hollywood Diva Kate Moss is a style icon

Hollywood Diva Kate Moss is a style iconFashion consultant Amanda Ross thinks model Kate Moss is the ultimate style icon because she has a unique look.

The "Lipstick Jungle" stylist, who is the global fashion director for W Hotels Worldwide, says she is a huge fan of the supermodel's dress sense because she has her own unique look and is always so well turned out, reported.

"I really love how Kate Moss looks. She knows a style that's good for her and always looks great. She's such a trendsetter too. I also like the way Charlize Theron and Marion Cotillard dress as they always look so elegant and sophisticated," Ross said.

Dannii Minogue, Sharon Osbourne feud reignites

Dannii Minogue, Sharon Osbourne feud reignitesPop star Dannii Minogue has reignited her bitter feud with Sharon Osbourne by banning her from her "The X Factor" dressing room.

The pair, who regularly clashed on the show when they were both judges, are set to come face-to-face again at this year's live finals.

Sharon is back as a mentor for Louis Walsh's singers and, asked about the prospect of them meeting, to which Dannii replied: "She is welcome anytime, just not in my dressing room," quoted her as saying.

In her new autobiography, Dannii says Sharon "bowled in" to her dressing room and screamed abuse at her when she started on X Factor in 2007, causing the rift.

Sharon's daughter Kelly has hit back at her by branding Dannii "the devil".

Julia Roberts says Brad Pitt is a great boss to work under

Julia Roberts says Brad Pitt is a great boss to work underHollywood actress Julia Roberts has appreciated actor Brad Pitt for his job as executive producer, insisting he was the perfect boss while filming the movie "Eat Pray Love".

"He is great because he leaves us all alone and lets us do the jobs that he's entrusted us with, and then you just get the occasional visit or occasional email that is encouraging and sweet. He's a lovely person," quoted Julia as saying.

Pitt was behind the camera on the set of the film, which stars Julia as real-life writer Liz Gilbert, who embarks on a journey of self-discovery around the world.

Hollywood Actress Sandra Bullock is the one I want to work with: Ryan Reynolds

Hollywood Actress Sandra Bullock is the one I want to work with: Ryan ReynoldsActor Ryan Reynolds wants to reunite with Oscar winning actress Sandra Bullock for his next film.

"Me and Sandra have been friends for a long time and I'd love to make that happen. So maybe down the line. Look, there could be something in development but there's no script as yet," he said.

He starred with her in "The Proposal".

Ryan, who is married to Scarlett Johansson, has been friends with Sandra for over a decade and insists she is one of the nicest people he has met in Hollywood.

"My producing partner is incredibly close with her (Sandra). I met Sandra through him about 11 years ago and we've been good friends ever since. I never thought we'd do a film together, but it worked out," quoted him as saying.

However, Sandra's spokesperson Kevin Huvane has shot down the reports insisting nothing had been agreed.

"She is simply attached to the project, which is currently in development. This is not her next film.

"There are several projects of many different genres that Ms Bullock is presently considering and has not committed to any of them at this time," he said

Lady Gaga, Madonna gives advice to Lambert

Lady Gaga, Madonna gives advice to LambertFormer "American Idol" contestant-turned singer Adam Lambert is getting advice from singing icons like Lady Gaga and Madonna to move up the ladder quickly.

Lambert turned to the singers for tips as his singing career began to take off and he revealed how Lady Gaga gave him "a good pep talk" and told him to work hard, reports

"Gaga told me about the previous three years. She worked really, really hard before she made it. She told me there's no glamour, you don't get a lot of sleep, you don't get a lot of stability in your social life - you just have to count on yourself and go for it. It was a good pep talk. And she was right," said Lambert.

Lambert is also thankful to Madonna for helping him deal with online critics.

"Madonna told me that you can't get wrapped up in all the media and message boards, that everyone's going to have an opinion. People will criticise you especially when you're doing it well," he said.

"You can't do much better than getting career advice from Madonna. She's the queen, right?," he added.

Hollywood heartthrob Julia Roberts has no weight worries

Hollywood heartthrob Julia Roberts has no weight worriesHollywood actress Julia Roberts, who has three children with her husband Daniel Moder, says she has never been bothered about staying slim and believes it is "sad and disinteresting" that people pay so much attention to the weight of others.

"I'm too old for that c**p. It's so silly, so pointless, and it's motivated by a culture that for some reason finds it entertaining to perpetuate the glorification of our youth. It's really sad and disinteresting. I mean, I know people really suffer and I just think, 'How can they perpetuate that'," quoted Julia as saying.

The 42-year-old has always been slim, but she doesn't consider it a "personal triumph".

"It's silly to consider it a personal triumph for myself that in almost 24 years in show business - except for being pregnant - I've weighed within about a five to 10lb range. That seems unusual, but I'm lucky I haven't suffered those things."

"I think it's important for us to start perpetuating the healthy, happy way of looking at it as opposed to supporting the negative ideal of what a girl should ideally look like," she said.

Cancer treatment takes toll on Michael Douglas

Cancer treatment takes toll on Michael Douglas Hollywood actor Michael Douglas has been optimistic about his throat cancer treatment, but the stress and strains of radiotherapy and chemotherapy have begun to show on his face.

Within four weeks of the treatment, Douglas looked frail as he was taking his seven-year-old daughter Carys to school in Manhattan, reports

His face looked drawn and tired and he looked as though he had lost a bit of weight - a possible result of being unable to eat properly because of the cancer treatment.

Recently he had revealed how the treatment has left him with sores in his mouth which make it extremely difficult to eat and swallow.

Still, Douglas, who was dressed in shorts decorated with palm trees, laughed and joked with his daughter.

He has been attending premieres of his film "Wall Street: Money never Sleeps".

English Footballer David Beckham sues tabloid over sex claims

English Footballer David Beckham sues tabloid over sex claimsAce footballer David Beckham has sued a tabloid that reported that he had paid a prostitute to have sex with him.

In the lawsuit filed against In Touch Weekly in the Los Angeles Superior Court, he accuses the tabloid of libel, slander and intentionally causing emotional distress, reports

The suit also names 26-year-old Irma Nici, who is quoted as saying she was a call girl who slept with Beckham five times in 2007. She also claims he had sex with a second prostitute.

Singer Kelly Osbourne hides tattoos for film

Singer Kelly Osbourne hides tattoos for filmSinger Kelly Osbourne, who has tattoos on her arms, posed in a tattoo-free body on the set of her new film.

The 25-year-old was dressed in an auburn coloured wig, and matching bronze sequinned minidress with two women dressed identically for a comedy film. Her tattoos were hidden by heavy make-up, reports

"Getting my tattoos covered up for the movie today!!! And then they were gone!" Osbourne posted on her Twitter page.

The singer is perhaps having second thoughts about her tattoos now.

When one of her Twitter followers asked if she had ever wished she didn't have them... Or thought about removing them, she responded: "...all the time!!! And seeing myself without them makes me want them gone!"

Tamil Movie 'Robot' starring Rajnikanth makes my imagination come true: Shankar

Tamil Movie 'Robot' starring Rajnikanth makes my imagination come true: ShankarAce South Indian director Shankar says he has tried his best to make his wild imagination a reality in much-awaited bilingual sci-film "Robot". He also says his lead actress, Aishwarya Rai, has evolved since the time they worked in "Jeans" together.

"The script was very difficult and I thought up a wild imagination and tried to make all of them come true with the help of the actors and technicians," Shankar told IANS in an interview.

"Robot" has none other than superstar Rajnikant playing the hero. Shankar has made the film in two languages - "Robot" in Hindi and "Endhiran" in Tamil - and they are releasing Oct 1. Apparently, made at a budget of Rs.175 crore ($38 million), it is billed to be the costliest Indian film ever.

The director admits that "Robot" was a tough film to make but added that they finished it before schedule.

"Actually it's a difficult movie and we finished it early. It should have taken a longer time. It's not a normal movie. There are only two or three normal scenes. All other scenes were difficult to execute and it was a tough job for the actors too. When two humans interact, it's very simple but when one human being interacts with a robot, everything is different," Shankar explained.

The director, who teamed up with Aishwarya for the second time after "Jeans" in 1998, says the former Miss World has matured as a better actress over the past decade and is extremely hard working.

"She is now very experienced. In 'Jeans' we had to experiment a lot...which we didn't have to do in 'Robot' and I am able to see her growth in acting. She is so hard working...she works from 7 in the morning till pack-up time. She is not only concerned about her role but is keen about other techniques and other aspects of movie-making... she is now well aware of that," said Shankar.

While he says it was a tough movie to make, he assures that technically advanced "Robot" will appeal to one and all.

"I am fully satisfied with the outcome. It's fully original and it's an Indian science fiction. It's one of the most simple science fiction films anyone has made. People in villages will also be able to understand it's perfect for the Indian audience," the director said.

"The script is more like an international film. Anyone from anywhere can understand, identify and enjoy the movie," Shankar added.

'Bhindi Bazaar' is for multiplexes, says Britain-based producer

'Bhindi Bazaar' is for multiplexes, says Britain-based producerBritain-based producer Karan Arora says his first Bollywood venture "Bhindi Bazaar", which deals with the issue of pickpocketing in Mumbai, has the global appeal of "Slumdog Millionaire" and elements of "Satya" but is not inspired by them.

"The movie has an international appeal like 'Slumdog Millionaire' and at the same time it has very similar elements of 'Satya'. But there are no inspirations taken from these movies," Arora told IANS in an interview.

The movie deals with the issue of pickpocketing in the infamous and densely populated area of Mumbai's Bhindi Bazaar. The film explores the city's dark underbelly.

" 'Bhindi Bazaar' has everything for multiplex audiences - intelligent screenplay, entertainment with various elements like crime and thrill, among others. It is a thriller but at the same time it is also very realistic," he said.

Arora is the CEO of High Grounds Entertainment Ltd, which started its Indian production house - Picture Thought production - last year.

According to Arora, the motto of the production house is to generate content-based movies.

With the recent success of small-budget, strong content-driven movies like "Peepli Live", Arora feels "Bhindi Bazaar" will appeal to audiences in India.

"People often asked us why didn't we start with a star-studded movie, but our reply was that we just want to first slip into the market, do our homework and test the waters.

"We can make the noises later after proving ourselves. This has been our strategy so far," he added.

With a Hollywood-driven philosophy, Arora says his team spends a lot of time in "script farming".

"Script farming is a word we use in Hollywood. One does a lot of research and reads a lot of scripts before shortlisting a few, potential projects. So far, we have liked three scripts," said Arora.

"One of them is 'Bhindi Bazaar' and the other two are 'Padosi' and 'Let's talk Love'," he added.

"Bhindi Bazaar" was recently showcased at the Cannes Film Festival in France. It has been directed by Ankush Bhatt and has a power-packed star cast comprising Kay Kay Menon, Deepti Naval, Shilpa Shukla, Pawan Malhotra, Gautam Sharma and debutante American artist Caterina Lopez, among others.

Hollywood Actress Teri Hatcher cuts off eyelashes

Hollywood Actress Teri Hatcher cuts off eyelashesActress Teri Hatcher was compelled to wear false eyelashes after she accidentally sliced off her eyelashes during a grooming session.

The "Desperate Housewives" star was tidying up her eyebrows the night before she took part in the recent Nautica Malibu Triathlon in California, but the blade slipped and sliced through her lashes.

"I had one of those mini razors and so I (placed it on my brow) and in this milli second I heard this sound, and I'd shaved off half of my eyelashes," quoted her as saying.

Hatcher was forced to glue on false lashes so she didn't look foolish while swimming, biking and running the following day and she revealed she's still waiting for the originals to grow back.

"So these are all fake," she added pointing to her eyebrows.

Hollywood Actress Lindsay Lohan to return to rehab

Hollywood Actress Lindsay Lohan to return to rehabTroubled actress Lindsay Lohan is planning to voluntarily check herself back into rehab in the coming days.

According to the sources, after she relapsed just weeks after checking out of UCLA inpatient rehab, the "Mean Girls" star is serious about her recovery.

"She will step up her treatment and do more than what she was previously ordered to do," quoted the source as saying.

The actress was released from a Lynwood, California jail late Friday night after winning an appeal to be granted bail following a failed drug test.

The 24-year-old has been ordered to wear a SCRAM alcohol-monitoring bracelet and must avoid places "where alcohol is the chief item of sale".

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Cancer helped bring together Michael Douglas family

Cancer helped bring together Michael Douglas family Hollywood actor Michael Douglas' ill health due to cancer helped bring his family together.

The 65-year-old actor, who is undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatment after doctors found a tumour at the base of his tongue, hasn't tried to hide his condition from his kids with wife Catherine Zeta-Jones.

"The children have been fantastically supportive. I've taken them to watch my radiation treatments so they understand what's going on, and I've taken them to see their brother in federal prison. It's brought us a little closer in some ways," quoted Douglas as saying.

Although the "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps" actor is positive he will win his cancer battle, he admits the treatment has taken a "big toll" on him.

"I'm finding that solitude and quiet is what I really need. I'm really enjoying listening to music and reading books, but the radiation and the increased soreness of my mouth and the chemo continue to knock me out."

"On the one hand, my tumour is shrinking and getting a lot smaller, but on the other, the processes used to eliminate it is taking a big toll," he said.

Aamir Khan: Special honour to represent India at Oscars

Aamir Khan: Special honour to represent India at OscarsAamir Khan is on the top of the world these days. His film "Peepli Live", a political satire on the issue of farmers' suicides, has been chosen as India’s official entry at the Oscars, and the Bollywood star says it's a "special honour" to represent the country.

"I'm really happy to hear that 'Peepli Live' has been chosen to represent India at the Oscars. It is always a special honour for me to represent India on a world platform and I would like to thank the Film Federation of India (FFI) for considering us worthy," Aamir said in a press statement.

"Peepli Live" is former journalist Anusha Rizvi's debut film as director and does not boast of big stars.

"My congratulations to Anusha and the entire team," added Aamir.

This is the third time that a film with which Aamir is associated has been chosen to contend for the best foreign film award at the Oscars by the FFI.

The first was Ashutosh Gowariker’s 2001 film "Lagaan", featuring Aamir in the lead, which was nominated among the best five in the best foreign film category. But it lost the honour to "No Man’s Land".

In 2008, his production and debut directorial "Taare Zameen Par" was chosen by the FFI as India’s official entry for the Academy Award, but it failed to make it to the top five.

John Travolta, Akshay Kumar to dance on stage together

John Travolta, Akshay Kumar to dance on stage togetherJohn Travolta, Akshay Kumar to dance on stage together
Bollywood star Akshay Kumar, who has collaborated with many international entertainers like Kylie Minogue in "Blue", Snoop Dogg in "Singh Is Kinng" and RDB in "Kambakkht Ishq", will now dance with American actor John Travolta at a live event.

Travolta's visit to Mumbai appears to be an uncanny coincidence. It comes at a time when Akshay's retro John Travolta act in Vipul Shah's "Action Replayy" is hotting up.

Vipul Shah has noticed the favourable turn of fortune too. His production team is right now busy negotiating with Travolta's office to work out an audacious collaboration between Travolta and his desi counterpart Akshay Kumar.

Yes, the two will be dancing together at a live event. Vipul is in serious talks for this coming together. Akshay Kumar who loves collaborating with international entertainers has also pitched in very strongly for an evening of collaborative "Saturday Night Fever". Akshay is apparently using his Canadian connection to convince Travolta to get jiggy on stage with him.

When contacted Vipul Shah tried to underplay the excitement of a Travolta-Akshay concert. "There are talks going on. But talking about it would only make things difficult. You see, negotiating with an international star is painstaking. Water-tight contracts have to be drawn up. Unquestionable deals have to be sealed. We're in the process of doing all that. But like I said I can't talk about it until the papers are signed."

While Vipul plays it safe, it is reliably learnt that Travolta's songs and dances from "Saturday Night Fever" and "Grease" are being handpicked as part of this historic live performance.

Let's hope Travolta would have more to do in Akshay's presence on stage than the other Hollywood icon Sylvester Stallone had to do in "Kambhakkt Ishq".

Hollywood Actress Lindsay Lohan walks free on $300,000 bail

Hollywood Actress Lindsay Lohan walks free on $300,000 bailHollywood actress Lindsay Lohan has defied the odds again and has been released from jail after a Los Angeles Superior Court judge overturned a decision to put the actress back behind bars.

The sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore had told the media that Lohan would have to serve the full 30 days she was sentenced to for failing two drug tests and violating her probation, but reports suggest the "Mean Girls" star has already left Lynwood correctional facility after just 10 hours.

"Ms. Lohan cannot be released early because this isn't a jail sentence. She's being held by court order until her hearing," quoted Whitmore as saying before Lohan was released.

According to the report, Lohan's attorney Shawn Chapman Holley appealed to Judge Elden S. Fox's to remand the actress in custody without bail until Oct 22.

Lohan walked free Friday night after posting a $300,000 bail, added.

It's the third time Lohan has served a fraction of her sentence at Lynwood - earlier this year, she spent just 13 days of a 90-day sentence behind bars.

Lohan has been asked to wear an alcohol-monitoring bracelet again under the terms of her release and she won't be allowed to associate with known drug users.

Avatar director James Cameron voted most powerful man in film world

Avatar director James Cameron voted most powerful man in film world"Avatar" director James Cameron has been named the most powerful man in the film world, beating Steven Spielberg and Christopher Nolan to the top spot.

The Canadian director beat Steven Spielberg, Leonardo DiCaprio and Christopher Nolan in the list by the Guardian newspaper's Film & Music supplement, which proclaimed him the most influential man, reports

"Cameron occupies the top two spots in the list of the highest grossing movies of all time, with 'Titanic' (worldwide gross: $1.8 billion) second only to 'Avatar' ($2.7 billion). Those figures are so high that it seems scarcely worth mentioning that other of his films, 'Terminator 2: Judgement Day', stands in the lower reaches of the top 100 with takings of over $519 million; loose change, really," said a statement from the Guardian.

The list created by experts, including the Guardian's film editor Andrew Pulvor, studio executive Colin Vaines and former artistic director of the Edinburgh International Film Festival Hannah McGill, also highlighted the importance of Brad Pitt, Quentin Tarantino and George Clooney in its top 10.

Other notable entries in the top 100 include British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen at number 26, "Prince of Persia" producer Jerry Bruckheimer at number 45 and "Kick-Ass" screenwriter Jane Goldman at number 96.

The following are the top five among the 'Film Power 100' by the Guardian newspaper's Film & Music supplement:

1. James Cameron (director)

2. Steven Spielberg (director)

3. Leonardo DiCaprio (actor)

4. John Lasseter (director)

5. Brad Pitt (actor and producer)

Hollywood Actress Julia Roberts likes Indian food

Hollywood Actress Julia Roberts likes Indian foodJulia Roberts surprised everyone by eating rice, chapati, aloo-gobi and mattar-paneer with her bare hands while filming "Eat Pray Love" in India last year, but the Pretty Woman can't stand onions, says her lesser known Indian co-star Russhita Singh.

"She is fond of chicken and she likes eating Indian food a lot. In fact, when we were shooting, she was made to eat mattar-paneer, rice, etc," Russhita told IANS in a telephonic interview from Mumbai.

"We were eating from the same meal that was especially prepared for the crew but it had onions. And it was the most difficult part of the shoot because neither she nor I could tolerate it," added the 20-year-old, who plays Roberts' best friend Tulsi in India.

Directed by Ryan Murphy, "Eat Pray Love" is based on Pushcart prize-winning author Elizabeth Gilbert's travel memoirs by the same name, and features Roberts as the author who travels to Italy for food, India for spirituality and Indonesia for love.

Having released in the US Aug 13, the movie hits Indian screens Oct 8. The Indian part of the movie was shot last fall at the Ashram Hari Mandir in Pataudi, Haryana, about 40 km from New Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport.

"They wanted to keep it very real and didn't want to build up a set, so that was a perfect location."

"Eat Pray Love" also stars Richard Jenkins, Javier Bardem, Billy Crudup, James Franco, Christine Hakim and Viola Davis.

Rumours were rife that Roberts converted to Hinduism during her stay here and was rechristened along with her twins Phinnaeus and Hazel, and son Henry as Parvati, Ganesh, Lakshmi and Krishna respectively.

Asked about the same, Russhita said: "I wouldn't say that they converted. Since they were in India and shooting in the Ashram, the guruji there said 'let's act Indian and give you Indian names'. So it wasn't a real changeover. It could have been a fun activity as well."

What about the news of Roberts chanting Sanskrit shlokas in the movie with ease?

"Sanskrit shlokas were part of our script. We were supposed to chant them. What really surprised me was that she didn't have to go through a lot of practice. She just read those shlokas four to five times and learned them quickly. She really knew her job very well. She did complete justice to her character.

"In fact, she was very well acquainted with our culture. She knew everything and quite a lot of things...All her kids too knew India as they had been here earlier," said Russhita.

Not many know that the American crew paid a visit to the Taj Mahal.

"In spite of having a hectic schedule here, the American crew squeezed out time and made a trip to Agra which unfortunately I missed. Right from the day Julia ma'm had come, she had her own list. She wanted to see the Taj Mahal.

"She also threw a party for the crew members at the Leela Kempinski, Gurgaon, in the last week of the shoot before everyone was to fly to Indonesia. It was a very soft affair," she added.

Russhita also got tips from the Academy award winner.

"She taught me a lot of things and definitely how to be professional and how to give your 100 percent. She said, 'If you become a director's actor, you win the battle and if you please the audience, you win the war'."

Having worked in Bollywood movies like "Nanhe Jaisalmer: A Dream Come True", "Halla Bol" and "Vaada Raha... I Promise", Russhita started acting as a hobby after doing an ad film.

Initially, wanting to become a radio jockey, the undergraduate is currently working with Star CJ Alive channel as a host and contemplating completing her education by distance learning.

As for movies, "now that I have done an international movie, I'd keep both the doors open, whether it is here or in the West. I'd rather work like Aishwarya Rai and be a global Indian like her."

Aishwarya Rai says Filmmaker Shankar never forgets the common man

Aishwarya Rai says Filmmaker Shankar never forgets the common man "Robot" is a highly technically advanced bilingual but filmmaker Shankar has made sure there is enough to entertain the common man, says Aishwarya Rai who stars in the film. The actress says she chooses a film on the basis of her role as well as the director and the team.

"When I am working in a movie, it's not only my part in the film but the film in totality (that I think about). I think post-'Devdas', I kind of went on this sudden trip of experiencing movies," Aishwarya told IANS in an interview here.

"Of course, my part is important because as an actor what you are doing has to be exciting, but it's also the experience of working with the filmmaker, the team - all these factors make an opportunity exciting for me."

Praising Shankar's filmmaking skills, she said: "He had to experiment with a lot of things during 'Jeans' and for the first time I was experiencing something like that. He at that point of time brought in that much of technically forward thinking in cinema; I kind of learnt a lot about making a film at that time and, of course, over the years I learnt more.

" 'Jeans' itself was so ahead of its time and here he has pushed it manifold; so, obviously, it becomes more fascinating and intriguing."

This is her second film with Shankar after "Jeans" (1998) and the actress maintains that the USP of Shankar's filmmaking is the importance he gives to the common man.

"I felt that in all his movies with every other new thing, he never forgets the common man. He keeps in mind how a layman would be humoured, what will be entertaining for the common man and what will be the sense of fantasy for the common man. He brings all those elements in his cinema and more. That's why probably you know you would call entertainment as his signature," said Aishwarya.

Shankar has made the film in two languages - "Robot" in Hindi and "Endhiran" in Tamil - and they are releasing Oct 1. Apparently, made at a budget of Rs.175 crore ($38 million), it's the costliest Indian film ever.

It was a long-awaited opportunity for the actress to work with southern superstar Rajnikanth and Shankar together.

"There were lots of wonderful ideas we could have collaborated on and we could have worked together, but my schedule didn't permit. When 'Robot' came, we were more than happy, the schedules kind of worked out.

"Even with Rajni sir, there had been several attempts to work together, but with him again, the schedule didn't permit. I think when we all came together for a film like this, it allowed me to explore a technically way ahead film. So it was obviously a very exciting opportunity creatively," said Aishwarya.

Asked about her experience of working with Rajnikanth, she said: "Just like everyone I had seen and read about his work. We have enjoyed his work as an audience. So to actually get to see him in person every day and see how simply he does it has been an experience. The way he quietly comes to the set and surprises you with his shots, just brings a smile to your face, which is wonderful."

After doing exponentially high budget films - "Jodhaa Akbar", "Ravan" and now "Robot", would she like to do a small budgets film?

"Firstly, I don't say yes to the movie for their budgets; so that's not really my criteria. My criteria is the director I am working with, the film, the character, and what I can give to my audience and hopefully a different Aishwarya each time," said the 36-year-old.

Ash has two more films releasing this year - "Action Replayy" releasing Nov 5, followed by "Guzaarish" Nov 19.

"It has been exciting, the last two years, making these movies. Now it's time to share our hard work with the audience. I enjoyed sharing 'Ravan' with my audience. And now I am excited to share 'Robot' with you all," she said.

No over-the-top comedy: 'Khichdi - The Movie' producer

No over-the-top comedy: 'Khichdi - The Movie' producerHe tickled audiences with his hit TV series "Khichdi" and now actor-producer J.D. Mathejia is bringing the same humour on celluloid with "Khichdi - The Movie". But he says there will be no over-the-top comedy here.

" 'Khichdi-The Movie' is non-stop laughter for two hours. Although the essence of the film remains the same, the content is completely fresh. Unlike other actors who are seen doing over-the-top comedy in films, you won't see any such thing is this movie. It is a completely character-based comedy," Mathejia told IANS on phone from Mumbai.

"A lot of people warned me that I am taking a risk with this movie. With no big stars, they said the film has less chances of succeeding. There are indeed lots of expectations as the show was a hit on the small screen, but I am confident of the product and I am sure people will also like it," he said.

Written and directed by Aatish Kapadia, "Khichdi" is the first Indian television serial to be adapted into a film. The show's characters Hansa (Supriya Pathak), Praful (Rajiv Mehta), Babuji (Anang Desai), Himanshu (Mathejia himself) and Jayshree (Vandana Pathak) became household names when the serial hit the screens.

Although the film retains most of the star cast, Vandana has been replaced by actress Nimisha Vakharia as Jayshree.

"The film holds a special place in my heart because it is not only my first film as a producer and an actor. My daughter Kesar is also making her film debut with it as Hansa and Praful's daughter Chakki," he said.

Releasing Oct 1, the film shows Hansa's father on the death bed and he tells Hansa his last wish is that she should take care of her brother Himanshu. What the Parekh family goes through to keep Himanshu happy is what the movie is all about. Mathejia has also managed to rope in Fox Star Studios to distribute their film.

Mathejia insists that the technical process of television is quite simple compared to films.

"Filmmaking is a long process compared to television which is spontaneous. In television you just shoot, do the dubbing, edit and an episode is ready. But there is more scope of improvement when it comes to making something for the big screen. You get more time to justify the creative aspect," he added.

The film's budget is not very high; so Mathejia is finding it hard to promote the movie.

"Being a reasonable budget film and no big stars, we are not getting enough of a window to promote our film. Small budget films often struggle to make a place for themselves in the market. Something really has to be done so that such films don't get overshadowed by big ones," he said.

Actor Arya Babbar is still struggling

Actor Arya Babbar is still strugglingHe might be the son of actor-politician Raj Babbar and theatre artist Nadira Zaheer Babbar, but actor Arya Babbar says he's had his share of struggle in the industry.

"It would be wrong to say that I have been selective in my roles. The truth is I didn't get work. I have been struggling and fighting to get films. However, after doing Madhur Bhandarkar's 'Jail' things have improved," Arya told IANS.

"This is the first time I am working continuously in three films - Farah Khan's 'Tees Maar Khan', 'Ready' and one more film. I would just pray to god that I keep getting work like this. I want to work a lot.

"There are some actors who get instant fame and there are actors who take time to climb up the ladder of success, just like Akshay Kumar, Saif Ali Khan. However, they have a longer innings. I think I am one of them," he said.

He was in the capital for the launch of his comic book "Pushpak Viman" at the Oxford Bookstore.

Arya started his career with Amrita Rao in Raj Kanwar's "Ab Ke Baras" and was later seen in films like "Guru" and "Chamku", but it was Bandarkar's "Jail" where his role as a jail convict won him critical accolades.

Arya is currently busy shooting for choreographer-turned-filmmaker Farah Khan's out-and-out comedy "Tees Maar Khan". Apart from Akshay and him, "Tees Maar Khan" also stars Katrina Kaif and Akshaye Khanna. The film is slated for release Dec 24.

"This is the first time I am working in a comedy, that too, with people like Farah Khan and Akshay Kumar, and I am really excited. I play the role of a village inspector. It is an out-and-out comedy with shades of angry young man. My look in the film is inspired from that of Anil Kapoor in 'Ram Lakhan'," he said.

"I have kept a moustache for this film, you will also see me sporting long hair, wearing kajal in my eyes and ear loops. There is a little Rajasthani touch to my look. It is a character who always wanted to be famous and the film shows how Akshay helps him get famous.

"I have worked to get the body language of a typical villager right. I have also adopted a different style of dialogue delivery," added the 28-year-old.

Arya further said although they had a lot of fun on the sets, he also used it as an opportunity to learn from his co-star Akshay.

"When you are working with a senior actor like Akshay Kumar, you should not have any ego. You should always grab the opportunity and learn certain things from anyone like him. What I have learnt from Akshay is his energy level, his commitment, his sincerity and the dedication that he has towards his career. Akshay looks better today than the way he looked 10 years back," he said.

Hollywood Actress Lindsay Lohan again in Jail

Hollywood Actress Lindsay Lohan again in JailTroubled actress Lindsay Lohan was sent to jail again a week after she admitted that she failed a drug test ordered by the court.

Los Angeles county sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore told reporters Lindsay will be housed in "administrative segregation" because of her celebrity status for her safety and the safety of the jail system.

He also said the only way she could be released before her probation hearing Oct 22 is if the judge issues another order, reported.

The "Mean Girls" star was in court because she failed two drug tests -- in one she tested positive for cocaine and the other for Adderall.

Judge Fox did not hear any arguments from the lawyers before making his ruling.

"It's shocking because the underlying offence is a misdemeanour, and people connected with the case were telling us the judge had to offer Lindsay bail, Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley was quoted as saying.

Lohan confirmed in a Twitter posting last week that she had failed a court-ordered drug test. The random tests Lohan is subjected to twice a week are part of her punishment from her time behind bars and in rehabilitation.

Lohan spent three weeks at a drug-rehabilitation programme last month. She went into the rehab programme after serving 13 days in jail for violating her probation.

After her release from the rehabilitation programme, Fox ordered Lohan to remain in Los Angeles, participate in psychotherapy counselling and chemical dependency sessions, in addition to 12-step meetings. She was also ordered to submit to random drug and alcohol testing no less than twice a week and attend behavioural therapy classes twice a week.

'Peepli Live' is India's entry at Oscars

'Peepli Live' is India's entry at OscarsAamir Khan's production "Peepli Live" is to be India's official entry at the Oscars, an official at the Bollywood star's office said Friday.

"Peepli Live" is former journalist Anusha Rizvi's debut film as director. It has been shortlisted in the Best Foreign Film category.

The film, which does not boast of any big stars, is a satirical take on farmer suicides in India and takes pot shots at the media, politicians and bureaucrats.

Hollywood Diva Lindsay Lohan bares all in next movie

Hollywood Diva Lindsay Lohan bares all in next movie Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan has bared all for a scene in her new action movie "Machete".

The movie, co-directed by Robert Rodriquez, features a number of controversial sequences, including a shower scene featuring Jessica Alba.

The 29-year-old Alba recently came to the defence of co-star Lohan after it was revealed that the actress could go back to prison in light of her recent troubles.

"The fact that she can poke fun at herself - she's a brilliant actress. 'Mean Girls' is a classic. It's so good. How can you ever forget that? I think people should probably focus more on someone's career and maybe less on someone's personal circumstances. It's nobody's business. Everyone goes through their own thing," quoted Alba as saying.

Lohan plays a kidnapped socialite in "Machete".

Hollywood Actress Emma Watson to star in 'Marilyn' movie

Hollywood Actress Emma Watson to star in 'Marilyn' movie Hollywood actress Emma Watson is in negotiations to play a role in "My Week With Marilyn" opposite Kenneth Branagh and Michelle Williams.

The 20-year-old actress, who played Hermione Granger in all eight Harry POtter movies based on J.K. Rowling's bestselling books has landed a part in "My Week With Marilyn", reports

Emma will reportedly play a wardrobe assistant named Lucy in the movie based on the memoirs of Colin Clark (to be played by Eddie Redmayne), who worked as Laurence Olivier's assistant in the film "The Prince And The Showgirl" in 1956. The movie also starred Marilyn Monroe with whom Colin became obsessed.

The film, directed by Simon Curtis, features Michelle Williams - who will play Marilyn Monroe, Kenneth Branagh, Dominic Cooper and Dame Judi Dench.

The film produced by David Parfitt and the Weinstein Company will begin shooting Oct 4 at Pinewood Studios, Britain.
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