Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Abhay Deol not to endorse cigarette, Fair & Lovely

Abhay Deol not to endorse cigarette, Fair & LovelyBollywood actor Abhay Deol, who is quite choosy about the kind of brands he endorses, revealed that he would never endorse a cigarette brand or the fairness cream Fair and Lovely.

"I will never endorse a cigarette brand because that's something very bad for health. Also I will never endorse Fair & Lovely because it makes the generation believe that you are nice and successful only if you are fair.

"This is a very demeaning thing and I would never want to be a part of something like that," Abhay told reporters here.

However, the actor feels that there is nothing wrong in endorsing a liquor brand.

"I have no problems in endorsing a liquor brand because there is nothing inherently wrong with it. Even the doctor says that if you have a drink sometimes, it doesn't do anything to your body," he said.

"If people don't abuse it and drink responsibly, there is nothing wrong with it," he added.

Abhay was present at the event as the brand ambassador of Indian menswear brand Indian Terrain.

Asked about his style statement, the actor said: "In person, I don't experiment a lot with my look. I like it subtle and simple. I'm a casual person and I like wearing jeans and t-shirt the most."

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