Monday, September 27, 2010

Actress Lindsay Lohan's father threatens her lawyer

Lindsay's father threatens her lawyerActress Lindsay Lohan's father Michael is reportedly threatening her lawyer.

According to the sources, Michael left a voicemail and texts on Shawn Holly Chapman's phone threatening to "blow you out of the water", reports He also threatened to "dig up dirt" on Shawn, as well as Lindsay's business manager, Lou Taylor.

Michael left two text messages on Holley's phone Friday after the court hearing, telling her she should do Lindsay a favour and quit. In another text, Michael claimed Holley and Taylor were destroying the Lohan family.

He lost his cool at the Bev Hills courthouse Friday morning after Judge Elden Fox threw Lindsay in jail. Fox's decision was reversed later that day after Holley filed an appeal, and Lindsay got out of jail same night.

Michael said, "It's true. I said those things ... but it's spun. I wasn't knocking Shawn for working all those hours ... I was knocking the fact that I told them to do this [send Lindsay to rehab] a long time ago. Just now they're listening."

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