Monday, September 20, 2010

Longoria Parker:Date nights way to successful marriage

Longoria Parker:Date nights way to successful marriageHollywood actress Eva Longoria Parker thinks the key to her successful marriage to Tony Parker is the fact they have regular date nights.

The "Desperate Housewives" star, who married basketball ace Tony Parker in 2007, admitted fitting each other in around their busy schedules is not difficult as they love being with each other so much that they prioritise their relationship over everything else, reports

"Romance is rooted in love... we love each other very much and also in humour. We have a lot of fun and we laugh a lot," she said.

"We actually want to be together, so it's not a hard thing for us. We always have date nights. We prioritise each other in our lives and schedule our plans together so everything else falls in between. We live in a pretty normal way and enjoy spending time with our families. We don't let our jobs dictate how we live our lives," she added.

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