Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hollywood Actress Carey Mulligan hates revealing clothes

Hollywood Actress Carey Mulligan hates revealing clothesHollywood actress Carey Mulligan says she is very self-conscious when it comes to her figure and hates wearing revealing clothes.

The actress says she feels "self-conscious" when she wears outfits that are too short or tight and likes to don clothes she feels comfortable in, reports

"I don't like wearing tight things and I'm self-conscious about clothes that are too short. Doing the red-carpet stuff is intimidating enough, so I'm wearing a lot of Prada, as the clothes are a perfect shape for me, because I'm bottom-heavy," said Mulligan.

"I am not great at having my photo taken, so I often look like I don't want to be there. Staring down the barrel of a camera feels quite unnatural," she added.

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