Thursday, October 14, 2010

Michael Jackson's new video to be released

Michael Jackson's new video to be releasedA new Michael Jackson video is to be released as part of a boxed collection of all Jackson's music videos, it was announced Wednesday.

The three-DVD collection, "Michael Jackson's Vision", will hit stores Nov 22, and will feature re-mastered video and audio of such Jackson classics as "Thriller", "Bad" and "Black and White".

Produced by Jackson's estate in conjunction with Epic/Legacy Recordings the boxed-set will also include the video Jackson made to the never-before released recording "One More Chance", which was penned by R Kelly.

According to a statement by the producers, the 4.5 hours of video recognise Jackson's "pioneering short films that transformed the entertainment industry with timeless, pop culture classics".

"The simultaneous emergence of MTV as a television force and Michael Jackson's breakout as a global superstar provided the most epochal musical/cultural shift since The Beatles," the producers said. "Michael Jackson redefined and established the perimeters, and parameters, of an entire new medium."

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