Sunday, October 24, 2010

Singer-Actress Hilary Duff misses her teenage

Singer-Actress Hilary Duff misses her teenageSinger-actress Hilary Duff says she regrets how thin she allowed herself to get when she was a teenager.

"I got pretty skinny when I was between 17 and 19. At the time I was starting to become aware of what people said about me and how I looked in pictures. I regret it because I don't think I was happy then," quoted Hilary as saying.

However, the "Play With Fire" singer now gives a word of advice to her fans.

"Eat lots of vegetables, fruit, or blend chopped veggies and Greek yogurt to make a healthy dip. You should have small snacks throughout the day and indulge in small bites of favourite foods.

"Eat healthy things with a high fat content, like dark chocolate and avocado for a treat," she said.

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