Monday, November 08, 2010

Shabana Azmi silence herself about dinner with Obamas

Shabana Azmi silence herself about dinner with ObamasShe made an annoucement on Twitter about being invited by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for dinner with US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle, but post the event Bollywood veteran Shabana Azmi is not willing to divulge any details.

"Guys I'm not a reporter and have no intentions of describing the menu, clothes, etc of Obama's dinner at prime minister's house. But yes, all guests did speak to the president and (his) wife," Shabana, who was invited with her lyricist husband Javed Akhtar, posted on Twitter.

The actress and social activist is glad that India is in a position to welcome Obama and his wife Michelle confidently.

"India used to b a recipient of USA aid. Today, we are in a position to provide jobs to USA So a confident India welcomes Obama with her head held high," she added.

Actor-producer Aamir Khan too attended the high-profile dinner Sunday.

The Obamas will be leaving India Tuesday morning.

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