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2011 Horoscope

1: Aries 2011 Horoscope
Aries 2011 HoroscopeThis year marks two completely different tendencies in the professional career. New movements in business that were started last year will be successfully developing, gaining strength and speed. Aries horoscope suggests keeping an open mind and exploring new opportunities that appear, as they will bring success in future and will solve crisis situations at the end of the year 2011. Disagreements with existing partners that began in the past will reach a peak this time. Financial claims, which will entail loss of money and connections as well, are quite possible.
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2: Taurus 2011 Horoscope
Taurus 2011 HoroscopeThis year predicts serious problems regarding professional life for the first half of the year. It is necessary to stand up to your existing positions and to climb a high mountain of social success overcoming all obstacles. A new project which began last year will establish absolutely new objectives and tasks. Entrepreneurs will take a risk to start a new line in business and will recruit new employees. An employee will work in harmony with boss and can expect career development with an increase of salary correspondingly.
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3: Gemini 2011 Horoscope
This year will open new perGemini 2011 Horoscopespectives that will demand new skills and new knowledge. In the first half of the year a businessman will continue to cooperate with overseas colleagues the way it began last part of 2010. Probably, it will require much more time and effort, than it was supposed to in the beginning, so it is necessary to consider everything and to make calculations beforehand. The business is continuing to expand together with multiple activities, regarding office repairing and also complex business renewal. An employee will have good opportunities and perspectives, which will demand new knowledge and hard work.
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4: Cancer 2011 Horoscope

Cancer 2011 HoroscopeThe changes in professional sphere, began in the past, will proceed. Businessman will expand the business, involving their partners or close acquaintances. In the first half of the year you’ll probably purchas a new office or re-equip old premises. A new business line will face a lot of difficulties, and won’t probably develop as fast as it was supposed. This year predicts serious financial disagreements with partners, which may put business to a deadlock. The second half of the year is especially unfavorable: in October and November you should consider relations with a group of friends and adherents, and to clear up his professional and financial situations.
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5: Leo 2011 Horoscope
In the first half of the year Leo 2011 Horoscopeyou are to make important decisions, to take responsibility, to develop the business, getting more and more acquaintances. Especially valuable will be connections with overseas partners; however cooperation won’t go smoothly and will bring a lot of trouble. Businessmen will consider starting a new business in another city or country and will be finally successful. Many problems are possible to appear on this way, and you are to make the most of your potential to solve them. Among difficult points this year mentions extreme interest of control powers to all the activities and undertakings.
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6: Virgo 2011 Horoscope

In 2011 Virgo will continVirgo 2011 Horoscopeue to develop the business started last year. Many representatives of this sign will put a too heavy burden on themselves, constantly feeling responsible for everything, including the smallest details. This year finds this behavior correct, as among friends or adherents some hostile movements are growing, preventing Virgo from putting an important and necessary project into life. Conflicts are quite probable to be breaking out constantly, and the most difficult months are January, the end of March and April.

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7: Libra 2011 Horoscope
This year promises interesLibra 2011 Horoscopeting and effective professional life. Businessmen will begin a new project and will make new perspective contacts. Communication with colleagues from other cities or countries is quite successful; the trips that will contribute to the whole business development are possible. Some of you will think of purchasing business premises and will be able to put the project into life in second half of the year. The most successful months of the year are the end of January, February, June, second half of August and October.
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7: Scorpio 2011 Horoscope
It is possible that in the first half ofScorpio 2011 Horoscope the year you will be engaged in routine work. Businessmen will start reorganizing things, which may last up to the end of the year. This year predicts enlargement of an existing office or purchase of a new one. Communication with colleagues from other cities or countries will be revised thoroughly. In the first half of the year there will be serious disagreements, which will cause considerable difficulties in affairs. Control powers will take a sudden interest in activity of separate businessmen and will become regular visitors in their offices. An existing juridical problem is also probable to reveal itself.
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9: Sagittarius 2011 Horoscope
In the first half of theSagittarius 2011 Horoscope year your professional life will be quite peculiar. Some of you will continue the business started last year, and both disappointment and success are waiting for you on this way. On one hand, you’ll strengthen the position achieved and will have a certain progress in business affairs. This year predicts new interesting and perspective acquaintances, acquiring of new friends and protectors. Communication with partners from other cities or countries is developing successfully; frequent trips are possible. You are likely to find new friends at distant places or countries.
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10: Capricorn 2011 Horoscope
This year promises theCapricorn 2011 Horoscope beginning of new professional success, which will enable you to take up the next social position. Businessmen will start a new project, which will guarantee future success. An employee can change a job for a more interesting, perspective and rewarded one. This year suggests considering new ideas, making new acquaintances. You should change your usual professional approach, challenge conventionalities and routine. In a word, all your secret ambitious desires are sure to come true.
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11: Aquarius 2011 Horoscope
In 2011 the Stars are offeringAquarius 2011 Horoscope you a chance to put your skills and professional knowledge into life. Businessmen will make agreements with partners from other cities or countries, and will leap into action to achieve a desired purpose. Frequent trips, new contacts and new ideas are possible to occur. This year you are advised to challenge routine, to keep your mind open to all that is new and to move on. Some of you will consider moving to another city or another country; others will change a job or will start to learn something new. In any case the year is ideal for beginning of studies, acquiring new skills and knowledge.
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2: Pisces 2011 Horoscope
In 2011 you’ll haPisces 2011 Horoscopeve to measure swords with difficulties. Many affairs will go slowly, with constant delays and lateness. You’ll possibly be strongly dependent on people and circumstances. Businessmen will head for expanding the affair or its full reorganization, but this process will go much more slowly than it was planned. You will understand that your former business is no longer profitable, and will explore new opportunities. If the first half of the year is a time to get rid of obsolete problems and also a time for active preparatory work, 3rd quarter will bring bright perspectives, which are to put into life during three next years.
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