Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Actress Anne Hathaway isn't a good flirt

Actress Anne Hathaway isn't a good flirtLondon, Dec 29 (IANS) Actress Anne Hathaway says she isn't a good flirt.

Hathaway said it was hard for her to be seductive while playing the overtly sexual Maggie Murdock in her new movie "Love and Other Drugs".

"The most important thing was to make Maggie honest... she had amazing potential to be angry, funny, smart and incredibly wounded," quoted her as saying.

"The thought of combining all of those aspects into a character was a challenge but very exciting. It was the sexuality of the character (that scared me)."

"I'm much happier talking with people than I am flirting with them. I'm pretty shy and not entirely comfortable with the kind of attention you get when you focus on your sexual side. I was afraid that I couldn't pull off playing Maggie," she added.

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