Monday, December 13, 2010

Lindsay Lohan's family in feud over child support

Lindsay Lohan's family in feud over child supportLondon, Dec 13 (IANS) Lindsay Lohan's family feud is raging again as her parents fight over child support payments as the actress' mother has filed papers demanding her ex-husband pays up.

Dina Lohan has accused her ex-partner Michael of failing to hand over his monthly instalments for Lindsay's younger siblings Ali, 16, and Cody, 14, just months after the former couple settled a previous child support dispute in court, reports

The Lohan matriarch has lodged a complaint with the Child Support Collection Unit in Nassau County, New York, alleging Michael owes her more than $30,000.

Dina admits she's furious with her ex-husband for paying child support to a woman in Montana who won a default judgment against him because Michael never opposed her claims he fathered her young daughter.

"It's completely ridiculous. When I heard that he was paying for this child in Montana, I just had to fight for my kids... This child in Montana gets more than Ali and Cody (get). Lindsay is so upset and disgusted with him. Last year, I went to court on Christmas Eve, and here I am this Christmas, going back to court," said Dina.

Michael Lohan, however, retorted: "I never admitted it was my child. I'm paying to stay out of jail."

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